Elementor Installation Tutorial

How to install EverXP Plugin to WordPress Tutorial (Elementor)

The easiest way to add EverXP Combinations to WordPress is with our official wordpress plugin. This method is more flexible and easier to manage than adding the code directly to your theme. using PHP what makes it SEO Friendly.

  1. Download `everxp` wordpress plugin here
  2. Unzip the plugin archive on your computer
  3. Upload `everxp` directory to yours `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
  4. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress

Visit your EverXP dashboard and generate your unique API Key, next go to your wordpress dashboard and click on `Settings -> EverXP - API Settings`. Paste the API Key and your account email address.

You are ready to go!

Generate a Combination Code

Key Type Optional Explaination
api_key Text Required base 64 encode email address:api_key API Key Tutorial
pattern Number Required (only on pattern endpoint) Patterns Ids list
quote Text Required (only on quote endpoint) Quotes Categories list
time Number Required (only on date & time endpoint) Date & Time Ids list
lang Text Required Languages list
style Number Optional Writing Styles list
voice Number Optional Writing Voices list
pull Number Optional Pull Methods options
freshness Number Optional Freshness levels options
min_l Number Optional Minimum number of characters 
max_l Number Optional Maximum number of characters 
div Text Optional Returns result as text inside div id otherwise returned as json response
user_identifier Text Optional Any kind of parameter to identify your customer (IP, User ID, Email, Username, or First and Last name) Example: [email protected].

That's it!
This way you can embed on your Wordpress site, unlimited amount of combinations.

You can set combinations on multiple pages, or specific pages as you wish.

Facing an error? Error codes list