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GET https://api.everxp.com/heading/pattern

Joshua Porter, an author and product designer, coined the term microcopy in a blog post about the importance of the help text in a purchase form. Working on an ecommerce project, he discovered that transactions were failing because people were entering an address that was different from the one associated with their credit card.

Simply adding the text “be sure to enter the billing address associated with your credit card” to the form greatly reduced transaction failures and this improved conversion and increased revenue.

The importance of microcopy is widely understood in UX and content circles, and the concept has been expanded to include more than just the text on forms. Jakob Nielsen, a very influential usability expert and world-renowned buzzkill that emphasizes usability over flashy eye appeal, uses the term micro-content to refer to “UX copywriting in the form of short text fragments or phrases.” He uses page titles, headings, summaries, hints, tips and other small bits of text as examples.

He distinguishes these from form labels and error messages by noting that micro-content is  “actionable and relates to a broader piece of content. It exists to encourage users to take some action, usually because they want to see an in-depth (fully-written) piece of content that’s represented in the user interface by a piece of micro-content.”


Key Name
1 register_completed
2 add_to_cart
3 purchased_completed
4 milestone
5 unavailable_search
6 error
7 order_cancellation
8 order_in_progress
9 shipment_in_progress
10 assistance
11 general_pageview
12 loading
13 FOMO (single product)
14 FOMO (multiple products)

How it Works

Holidays combinations that fit for every visitor situation by category.

curl --include \
    'pattern': 11,
    'style': 'playful',
    'lang': 'en',
$heading = $this->everxp->xp_pattern([
    'api_key' => '_YOUR_API_KEY_',
    'pattern' => 11,
    'lang' => 'en'
    heading: "Please check our latest deals, they will not be here for long."
Compatible with:

What Exactly is a Micro Copy API?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a pre-arranged template of coding instructions that a third-party app can use to perform some sort of function. In particular, a microcopy API is a massive database of micro copies texts. API enables the integration of a third-party app’s overall architecture to access these lines of text (Micro Copies).

In this way, developers who put microcopies APIs into their apps allow their users to get smart and suitable small texts that suitable for every situation.
Login, Welcome, Mission Completed, etc...

Why Micro Copy API is so important?

Micro Copy APIs are important because it make developers’ work much easier when making apps, or just working on a site that they are building. Also, they allow apps to become better and more easy-going, as app developers can use APIs to select the best already-existing features of such apps and mix and match them according to their perforation.

Additional Parameters


Key Name
en English (pure)
en_us English American
de German
es Spanish (Spain)
fr French
pt_br Portuguese (Brazil)
pt_pt Portuguese (Portugal)
ru Russian

Pull Methods

Key Name
1 General (Default)
2 My Bank
3 Both

Writing Styles

Key Name
1 Pure (Default)
2 Playful
3 Guiding

Writing Voices

Key Name
1 We (Default)
2 I
3 Company Name (adjust on settings page)

How does a Micro Copy API is Operating?

EverXP's Micro Copy API can hosting thousands of micro copies sentences based on the different situations on your website such as login, register, error message, etc... in an attempt to surprise the user with something interesting and playful.

Micro-Copy APIs and other related APIs perform the actions described and then present their output in a language like JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), which apps can read and use as input in yet further processes.

Who can earn from Micro Copy API?

EverXP's Microcopy APIs are useful tool for new and experienced developers who want to make the best apps/websites possible, but who don’t want to waste time and energy reinventing the wheel. If a certain app already has one great feature, why not just use an API to stick it into your code and devote your energy to improving the app’s other features?

What can you expect from Ever XP Micro Copy API?

Developers can expect their work to become easier and development time will dramatically decrease. EverXP Micro Copy API returns random-AI best preforming micro-copies including greeting for your website's visitors. That's means we also will take care for the content that comes before and after the data. App users can expect the largest databases that microcopies APIs allow their apps to draw on to give them lots of thought-provoking, interesting, and moving material.

Why should your site have a Micro Copy API?

Having a microcopy API adds another layer to your site, having another option to inspire and entertain users while they are using your site. EverXP has an expanding source of texts, with already thousands of microcopies that are ready to be used, while also maintaining a diverse range of communties.

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