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For SaaS companies, churn is an ever-present battle to fight. Some level of churn is unavoidable. However, by using our simple API we are sure that you can take your platform to the next level completely automatically.

User Empathy

Adding emotion to microcopy creates a better connection with users, and helps foster a stronger bond. Users fall in love with brands that make them laugh and feel better about themselves.

Clarity and Control

There are many reasons why users cancel subscriptions like Ambiguous or confusing messages, or Not enough information about the product, service. Using microcopy when installing or updating a product. With each step, the microcopy can let the user know exactly what is, or will be, happening.


If people feel insecure or suspicious while making a transaction, it can lead to the abandonment of a purchase or being skeptical about continuing to use a product. Instead of assuming users will give all of the information asked, effective microcopy can inform the user why it is being asked and how it will be used.

EverXP in Action

Transform software engagement with EverXP. Personalize onboarding, notify feature updates. Elevate user experiences dynamically.

Examples by situations

Increased user engagement, brand loyalty, trust, and frictionless product experiences. When used correctly, good microcopy can help a product stand out.

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