The Future of ecommerce personalization

How surreal would it be if every website you landed on automatically changed its content and product offerings to perfectly match your interests and preferences? There’s no doubt that personalization is the start to a healthy, long-term customer-business relationship.

Increase conversion

A website's primary goal is ensuring a user carries out a specific action, whether it be subscribing to a newsletter (as we saw before) or purchasing a product. Words help them find that path and perform the action we want them to carry out.

Foster trust

Every text is also essential to ensure the user trusts what they're seeing or doing. If it's well-explained, there won't be any doubts. A simple change in a “More information” button to something more like “Tell me more about…” can already create an impact.

Respond to concerns

It's common that when it's time to interact with a website or app, there are doubts that if they remain unresolved, they can cause us to log off. That's where texts, titles, images, blank spaces, calls-to-action, and of course, microcopies come into play.

EverXP in Action

EverXP brings sites to life. Returning e-commerce visitors receive a warm "Welcome back! Enjoy 10% off." Blogs display relevant quotes and tips. Static sites become dynamic and engaging with EverXP.

Examples by situations

When there’s any type of error, microcopies end up saving the day. If the user can’t enter their password, a window pops up to explain what happened. This small piece of content will make the user feel calmer and more informed.

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